Clean City South Africa celebrates World Cleanup Day by launching the #ThinkB4UThrow campaign

On World Cleanup Day, Clean City South Africa joined hands with communities across the world, by cleaning up parts of Hadfield Road, Catherine Avenue and lower part of Pullinger Kop Park in Hillbrow. The #ThinkB4UThrow is a social media litter education campaign aimed at raising awareness about the implications of litter to human health, welfare and the environment. The campaign consists of a series of litter education awareness, shared across Clean City South Africa social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The CEO of Clean City South Africa, Mr. Dalu Cele said “We are thrilled to be able to engage communities in a simple, easy to understand and short snippets in our social media platforms, to raise awareness of the dire implications of litter to our daily lives, and to the environment within which we live, work and play.” In future, Clean City South Africa plans to take this campaign to the schools, higher education institutions, transport hubs such as taxi ranks and bus terminals in the inner city of Johannesburg, in an effort to raise awareness to more communities.

The first series on this campaign covers the area of waste minimization such as stopping illegal dumping and littering on the streets and open spaces, locating nearby shopping centres to deposit recyclables such as glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, tins, and metal, and finding re-use of old items, such grocery plastic bags, re-used as trash bags, or old toys being donated to children homes.

The theme for the launch is – #ThinkB4UThrow for a #LitterFreeSA

Clean City South Africa recently launched the Adopt a Street™ Volunteers Network in Hillbrow, a network of volunteers that conduct weekly cleaning up events of the streets and open spaces where they live, every Saturday morning from 9am to 11am. The volunteers adopted 400 meters of Hadfield Road, 300 meters of Catherine Avenue and the lower part of Pullinger Kop Park in Hillbrow. The Clean City South Africa volunteers participated through raising litter awareness to the community on the #ThinkB4UThrow campaign, at the same location where the Adopt a Street™ Volunteers Network cleaning up event takes place every Saturday morning in Hillbrow.

“We are encouraged by the personal stories and experiences that volunteers shared on the improvements and the progress they have achieved, in keeping their streets and the park free of litter. The community attitudes towards litter is certainly changing in this community.”, said Mr Cele.


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