The Mandela Day 2022 Hillbrow Clean-up is organised by Clean City South Africa and its partners to raise public awareness about climate change, promote zero tolerance on littering, illegal dumping, and packaging pollution in a safe and secure event for all the participants. The clean-up event is inspired through the call by Nelson Mandela in 2009, to celebrate his birthday by working in communities. Clean City SA endeavors to protect the environment from waste pollution, this event will also focus on the landfill sites and its impact on climate change.

The purpose of the Mandela Day 2022 Hillbrow Clean-up is to “Take Action” by cleaning up an estimated 5.5km of Claim Street and its surrounding blocks in Hillbrow, between Willie Street to the North to Hancock Street to the South, and Quartz Street to the West and Banket Street to the East.

Security personnel will be stationed at each block to ensure the safety and security of all participants on Claim Street, Hillbrow and surrounding blocks during clean-up, and at Constitution Hill for the Park and Ride and the Main Event.