Zakithi Mokuoane

Zakithi is a non-executive director and vice chairman of Clean City South Africa NPC. Zakithi hails from the Information Systems background, specialising in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). She has over 15 years’ experience in the ERP space.  She holds a B Comm Degree from the Rhodes University.

Zakithi is passionate about the environment and would like to leave a legacy where people are taught that a clean environment is everyone’s responsibility and starts with each person’s immediate yard.

She has experience in running a corporate business, and Zakithi has been running her own business for over 5 years. With her knowledge of the ICT sector and the latest trends, her contribution to Clean City South Africa NPC includes systems that support the company and its values, systems that are scalable and can evolve rapidly with the changing times.

Zakithi serves on the following Clean City South Africa NPC Board sub-committees:

Finance, Risk and Compliance; Audit; and Information Technology & Internal Control Environment.